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High quality piano ballet music for ballet class and personal use. Buy a complete album or a single track. All audio is recorded in a studio environment. Browse our full catalog of ballet piano music created by Alex Akkerhuis.

  • Barre

    • 1 : plié 4/4 (2:30)
    • 2 : battement tendu / jeté 4/4 (1:36)
    • 3 : rond de jambe par terre 4/4 (1:38)
    • 4 : battement fondu 4/4 (1:16)
    • 5 : battement frappé 4/4 (0:37)
    • 6 : rond de jambe en l'air 4/4 (1:07)
    • 7 : petit battement 4/4 (0:38)
    • 8 : adagio 3/4 (1:17)
    • 9 : grand battement 4/4 (0:38)
    • 10 : stretching 3/4 (1:58)


    • 11 : adagio 3/4 (1:58)
    • 12 : battement tendu 4/4 (0:54)
    • 13 : battement fondu 4/4 (1:10)
    • 14 : rond de jambe en l'air 3/4 (0:58)
    • 15 : combination dansante 4/4 (1:10)
    • 16 : petit allegro I 2/4 (0:45)
    • 17 : petit allegro II 2/4 (0:27)
    • 18 : petit allegro III 2/4 (0:36)
    • 19 : petit allegro IV 2/4 (0:36)
    • 20 : grand allegro I 3/4 (1:12)
    • 21 : grand allegro II 3/4 (1:07)
    • 22 : révérence 3/4 (1:38)

    Amsterdam Ballet Music Vol.10

      - Tracklist

    Alex Akkerhuis has been associated with the National Ballet Academy of Amsterdam for over 25 years.

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High quality

All music is recorded in a professional studio environment and issued on thirteen seperate albums. Each album has a bitrate of 24 and a sample frequency of 192khz.


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Amsterdam Ballet Music

Amsterdam Ballet Music

Alex Akkerhuis grew up in a musical family. Both parents graduated in piano from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

His father, Gerard Akkerhuis was founder and conductor of the Residentie Bach Orchestra and Residentie Bach Choir for more than 30 years. His mother Margreeth has worked all her life as choir rehearsal director and piano teacher.

A difficult choice followed after high school. Studying piano at the Conservatory in The Hague or studying French and Dutch at the faculty of the VU. It became the latter. After graduating another choice was to be made. Being a teacher, or starting a career as a ballet pianist at the Nel Roosacademie (later the National Ballet Academy). Music won out in the end. His career flourished as a ballet pianist for the Dutch National Ballet Academy, Krisztina de Chatel, Scapino Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet, HJS and ADC since 1982.

He has worked with well-known ballet masters, such as Rudi van Dantzig, Toer van Schaik, Francis Sinceretti, Rob Stuyf, Fred Berlips, Esther Protzman, Grigori Tchitcherine, Piotr Nardelli, Karel Vandeweghe, Andrew Kelley, Eyla Jeschke, Erna Droog, Jeannette Vondersaar, Valerie Valentine, Jenny Veldhuis, Peter Silkin and others.

Alex Akkerhuis started recording his ballet music for ballet schools. Many teachers and ballet schools already work with music by Alex Akkerhuis, whose compositions are characterized by beautiful harmonies, lyrical melodies, wrapped in a clear phrasing. One can choose to download one or more albums, but also separate tracks can be downloaded.